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At Marshall Batteries Shepparton, we've got batteries for Cars, 4WD, Tractors, Trucks, Motorcycles, Camping & Motor Homes. And we fit them too!

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Les & Julie Hughes are your battery experts and provide you with the best advice from over 55 years’ experience in the industry. Visit the Marshall Batteries Shepparton showroom or use our convenient drive-thru service with free battery checks.

Not only do we do car batteries, 4WD batteries and truck batteries we also specialise in Boat batteries and Jetski batteries along with all related battery accessories. Our huge range includes Motorcycle batteries, lawn mower batteries as well as a massive range of farming & Tractor batteries for agricultural purposes.

If you need an industrial deep cycle battery, caravan and motorhome batteries or even a forklift battery in the GV region, we can assist you with the best product for your application. We have a full range of battery technologies including maintenance free, hybrid enhanced flooded batteries, AGM batteries, deep-cycle batteries, gel batteries, & valve regulated lead acid batteries.

These battery technologies are designed to suit all applications for passenger vehicle batteries, stop-start batteries, SUV & 4WD batteries, light & heavy commercial batteries, motorhome & caravan batteries, camper trailer & golf buggy batteries, marine batteries, sweeper & scissor lift batteries, UPS & NBN batteries.

Our batteries are specified to car battery OEM requirements or greater providing all the specialist fitments. We can meet your budget no matter what, offering a good, better or best battery option. Marshall Batteries Shepparton is also a Battery collection centre. Bring your used lead acid battery to us for safe & responsible recycling. We also provided a nationwide battery warranty which covers you right across this great country of ours.

Holler for a Marshall in Shepparton or visit us at our battery store.